Philippa Brown is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cardiff and is currently studying for an MFA at Cardiff School of Art and design (2018/19).

I am interested in how subversive action, opposition and difference are important responses to the formation of identity and community, and how the possibilities for transformation and liberation offer the potential to threaten the hierarchy of traditional and outdated social structures. In looking at marginalised, maligned and mythical cultures, it is possible to explore the boundaries of being human and how to expand the ways in which we coexist and communicat 

My current work explores the use of symbolism and different methods of documenting behaviour and actions to explore how women are represented and in the sculptural possibilities and relationships between objects, body and space.

I makes paintings, sculptures, installations and using easily manipulated, found, discarded and new materials.  My approach to manufacturing and making is direct and handmade to develop both an autobiographical and fictional response to ideas and concerns.

These processes and working practices have evolved as a result of an interest in materials, decoration and adornment.  I enjoy the dialogue and relationships between the old/new, intentional/accidental, beautiful/ugly, formal/informal.